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Training & Consultancy

Our training seminars cover the following areas:

  • How to get started in property development

  • How to source land for developments

  • How to flip land & properties (Buy & Sell)

  • Getting planning permission for developments

  • Investing in profitable buy-to-lets

  • Effectively managing buy-to-lets 

  • Buying land & properties through lease options

  • Buying & selling properties through auctions

  • Building residential properties

  • How to rent to rent

  • How to buy your first property

  • Securing funding for developments

  • Build to rent vs Build to sell

  • How to report rental income to HMRC

Our consultancy services cover the following development stages:

  1. Sourcing suitable land

  2. Finding the right architect 

  3. Looking for a quantity surveyor

  4. Identifying the ideal building contractor

  5. Securing development funding

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